Toshiba phone runs Linux on virtual platform


UMD(ultra mobile device)

.NET Micro Framework

Robert Love Resigns from Novell

I happend to find this again, published on youtube.

Status and Direction of Kernel Development

Application-friendly kernel interfaces

Deferrable timers

Gnome initiative targets mobile and embedded apps

Why they could do such a cool user interface?

Of course, I am also one of fans for small gadgets;) I took a look at some pictures on the following link and immediately I found what small gadgets UI should be. I knew that some people had been trying this kind of UI, but they didn't suc…

Nokia 770 Tablet "OS 2006" arrives

It's not so bad to confirm some news though producing alway accompany ache to some extent;)! At the previous news... Open source multimedia codec API supports x86, ARM…


This morning, I got news by e-mail from some of my friends that two of my ex co-workers will marry soon. I spent almost 5 years with the groom from the beginning of my ex company. He taught me lots of things, not limited to work;). I like …

Gnome board gains embedded advisors そろそろ出番じゃないですか?待っていますよ(^^)