World Championship

The Last few weeks, the IIHF world championships were held in Riga(Latvia), not so far from here, maybe a few hours by air. Almost every night, I could watch one or two games on TV. The final game was over just now and Sweden won it, they looked so happy. though Czech Republic was also a good team. This year, they won both the Olympics and World Championships, How strong they are! Though I am not such an enthusiastic sports fan, except ice hockey, it is speedy, strong, creative beyond my imagination, and cool. Here, in Finland, ice hockey is more popular than Japan. It's a good environment. I can watch lots of games on TV and go to the arena on foot from my apartment. This season ended today, I appreciate great hockey players, who showed me a good time. Please enjoy your off-season and come back, even stronger. I cannot wait until the next season comes. BTW: Finland won the bronze.